Lita Albuquerque: Emergence at the Laguna Museum Art Museum

June 12th -October 2nd  2011

Emergence examines two series of works by Lita Albuquerque  Red Pigment Paintings and Beekeeper. Both projects began  in 2005 and are a continuing series. Emergence looks at  essentially two works in which complex systems and patterns  arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple processes or  actions.

Red Pigment Paintings are created with pure powder  pigments—a medium used by Albuquerque since the 1970s—  blown onto panels by wind or Albuquerque’s own breath.  Employing air as a conduit of the pigment allows for  practically infinite variations and iterations of pigment in  space. The intense red hue against each of the sixteen  pigmented ivory black canvasses is a record of the air’s  movement that normally goes unseen. However, the record of  wind and breath recalls representational imagery of natural  occurrences as well: splashing waves, volcanic eruptions,  bursting flames, and floating dust.

Beekeeper was created in collaboration with Jon Beasley and Chandler McWilliams. The works in this series include a computer generated digital installation and a set of photographic prints. In the installation, Beekeeper is controlled by generative computer software, creating a continuous flow of pixel movement following a unique path every time. An image of a beekeeper is in a constant cycle, dissolving from a solid form into a sea of wandering pixels, and then emerging whole again as the pixels re-condense the figure.
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